Normative Signs: The Poetry of "Ought"

In which the author finds beauty in how people tell other people what to do.

Month: November, 2014

No Foul Play

foul_play_poolI’ve generally avoided signs that make fun of poor translation into English by people in non-English-speaking countries. But this one — posted at an apartment building in Dubai — is pretty fun. You’ve got to admit, the injunction against “foul play” is intriguing. OK, yes, it’s likely just a translation error. They’re thinking of “rough play” or roughhousing. But still.

Of course, they probably DO want to forbid violent crime. But if so then it’s odd to bury it in between a rule forbidding food and drink in the pool area and one saying that kids under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult. Someone might miss it, in the heat of the moment.

Thanks to Christopher Yorke for sending me the photo.

Is This What They Mean by “Canon Law”?

cannon_lawThis photo was taken at Queen’s Park (home of the legislative assembly for the province of Ontario, Canada).cannon_law 2